Packaging & Shipping

The present Conditions of Sale are applicable to all parts of the relationship between the VR Art Space and the Buyer, which include a particular sale, intermediary services, and custody. The term ‘Buyer’ includes the ‘Intending Buyer’ who expresses an intent to acquire an artwork.

The Buyer shall provide proof of identity upon VR Art Space’s request.

Payment by the Buyer to VR Art Space, of the Quoted Price in Rupees plus transportation costs, any applicable taxes etc all of which to be determined by VR Art Space, must occur in either one or two parts as follows:

Either half or full price of the painting is to be paid within 7 days of booking a painting for purchase.

Once the order is finalised, the painting will be considered sold and will be removed from the list of works available for sale.

The painting will only be delivered to the buyer when the exhibited work (which is part of an ongoing exhibition) once the Exhibition at VR Art Space ends.

The painting will only be delivered to the buyer after full payment of the cost of the purchased painting, any applicable taxes and the transportation charges.

VR Art Space will provide the buyer with an Authentication Certificate signed by the Artist and the Gallery Owner.

VR Art Space will provide the buyer with a detailed picture of the painting with the frame as a proof of condition prior to delivery. The Gallery cannot be held responsible for any damage sustained in the delivery or transport process.


Cancellation of an order of a booked painting already paid for in half or full will not be entertained.

If the nature and urgency of the cancellation request is reasonable, as determined by the gallery, the paid sum will be returned to the buyer within 15 days, minus a penalty of 10% of the paid amount.

VR Art Space is authorized to make photographs, illustrations, or any other visual representations of all the paintings offered for sale and to use the above in any way whatsoever, prior to, during or following the sale, and shall observe any statutory regulations applicable. VR Art Space shall retain the copyright in all such visual representations for use at its discretion.