Malay Dutta

2  Artworks



Malay Dutta characterizes his painting as Indian style in surrealistic format. Immense tranquility, profound spirituality, boundless freedom envelop the viewer who finds all these in his canvas. In quest for peace he has sorted his artistic space with the gem of sacred utterance: ‘Buddam Saranam Gacchami’. In this present agitated and peaceless worldly situation he seeks his refuge to Gautam Buddha. Each of his artwork bears the message of peace. He delineates his narrative in a simple way as it can touch the heart of general people easily. To make his painting unique, he assimilates man, nature, and peace in a single frame. His favourite colours are green, blue and red which he uses in his preoccupation with the background texture. Inspired by his contemporary artist Sanatan Dinda’s (1971-) Buddha paintings he articulates his own genre in a different dimension with the same object. Both Bikash bhattacharjee’s (1940 – 2006) subjective guts and Shahabuddin’s (1950-)powerful dynamism have great impact on him. In Europe, Leonardo Da Vinci(1452 -1519))as well as Pablo Picasso(1881 – 1973) persists as his favourites. Our gallery is adorned with some his exclusive paintings from ‘In Search of Peace’ series. The prime essence of these paintings is the representation of Buddha amidst various aspects of nature. Floral and leafy decorative texture in backdrops with white dove, white hibiscus, pink lotus are fairly associated with the differently posed Buddhas. Apart from Buddha, an Indian ‘local violin’ player occupies his mind in one of his paintings. His peaceful absorption in music is expounding in his perfect posture. The viewers can relate the serene feeling they have procured from the painting. Besides solo exhibitions at Indusind Bank Art Gallery (Chandigarh), Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, Gallery Art Portfolio (Chandigarh), Dutta has participated in several workshops and exhibitions all over India. His paintings have been taken into private collection in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh and abroad.   After furnishing a diploma in fine arts from West Bengal, 36-year-old Malay debuted as a professional artist in 1998. His exhibitions are now regular affairs in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh and abroad.