Geeta Kapadia

19  Artworks



Born in Goa, Geeta is an interesting mix of artist, trekker and author. She draws inspiration from ethnic and tribal designs to sketch and paint the overwhelming peaks of the Himalaya.

She has Exhibited her paintings on Himalaya at Gallery Haiku in Mumbai. 2009, 2010, 2011.all three exhibitions of paintings on Himalaya from her Residence at 16,Carmichael rd. 2014 Exhibition of paintings on paper art at Fundacao Oriente Panaji on Folk Art Goa Rangoli .2014 to 2017 working on Zen Meditative Art, black ink on paper.2018 work shop on folk art India “Walk the Line”.2019,WHITE ON WHITE, participated in exhibition of paintings in Chandigarh. 2020,21 , working on modern concept . She has conducted Workshops on various Indian folk Arts such as RANGOLI PAINTINGS,WARLI TRIBAL PAINTINGS, MITHILA PAINTINGS, HIMALAYAN THANGKA PAINTINGS, BLOCK PRINTING (ON HAND-MADE PAPER). She has also Conducted workshops and lecture demonstrations on various folk art forms in different institutes, School of Architecture, British Council, Alliance Françoise, Girl-Guides Japan and others in Mumbai. 2006 Feb .workshop on folk art at Florida. USA 2007 DEC and now she’s Currently living in Nawang Kapadia Chowk, Mumbai