Geeta Kapadia

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About the Show

Geeta Kapadia was born in 1950 in Goa. She received her B.A degree from Bombay University in 1969. She is a self-taught Artist, who spent several years working with Indian folk arts. She has Exhibited her paintings on
Himalayas at several Art Galleries in Mumbai, Goa, Chandigarh etc. She has published a book ‘Himalaya in My Sketch Book’, with black and white sketches and text. She is also the founder of the organization ‘’Mittika’’ to promote various folk-art forms of India.
The mysticism of the Himalayan mountains has enchanted several since bygone ages. Some wish to conquer it while some bow down in reverence.
Geeta Kapadia is an Artist, who through her colours, Strokes, lines and compositions, take us through the mirage of the Himalayan Mountain range. There are several moods that converse with us, be it the full moonlight on the mountain crevice, the snow lit by rising Sun, the dance of the shadow of the clouds or the green splashes of the endangered plant species. Each work is a mirror to her inner soul and resplendently captures these variations. The colours come out spontaneously, which are further enhanced by the free brush strokes and knife work details.
Her early years in Darjeeling Himalayan Mountain Institute, to her present myriad expressions, portray her innate bond with the majestic Himalayas. Her husband’s narrations of various Mountaineering expeditions, her interactions with
several Mountaineers from across the globe and her fondness for Himalayan books, have together deeply influenced her works.Each work is exclusive, unrepetitive and is a testimonial to her close bonds with these mountains. Be it Nanda Devi Parbat which she captures at early dawn where the Goddess is in a relaxing posture. The” Kanchenjunga is painted “as the
rugged benevolent mountain”. The Neelkanth Parvat she says” welcomes you as you get the feeling of entering in the realm of a divine domain”. She portrays the Sudarshan Parbat as a spectacular mountain which wins your heart.
How deep is the mark of these and the several other peaks that she has ascended or come in close proximity with, is visible in the hues and the rhapsody brought Forth in her Artworks.

Uniqueness of Process

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The Artist Speaks