Dinkar Jadhav

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Born in 1973, Dinkar Jadhav received a General Diploma in Art in 1994 and an Art Teacher Diploma from the Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya in Pune in 1995. Jadhav works mainly in impasto and his style is heavily influenced by the landscape paintings of J.W. Turner. Nature is Jadhav’s primary source of inspiration and the play of light and shade in the natural world is constantly represented in his compositions. “I paint objects as patches of colour, but the forms are abstract. To me, this abstraction is creativity. Nature provides me with inspiration to express my inner vision, which I feel is art. The artist in me derives immense satisfaction when I paint this way,” says the artist about his approach to art. In 2008, Jadhav’s works were presented in the solo exhibition, ‘Creative Trio’, at the Nehru Centre, Mumbai. Jadhav has also shown his work in solo exhibitions at Art Desh Gallery, Mumbai, in 2007; and India Art Gallery, Pune, in 2003. He has also participated in several group shows in Mumbai and Pune. In 1995, Dinkar Jadhav was awarded the State Arts Award for Portrait Painting.