About Us

VR Art Space is a space dedicated to fine art. Fine Art in its various forms and categories. It is a space aimed at nurturing artistic talents through exhibitions, A reading space with specialized Art books, A gallery dedicated to Garhwal Miniature, and among others a Studio Space for visiting artists and for young creative minds.
Located in the heart of the town near Clock Tower, it is housed in a Heritage Estate which once belonged to the legendary Pahari Frederick Wilson. This particular space is part of Cottage 2, which was built in 1940’s and hence has old vintage floor tiles and one of the oldest RCC roofs.
VR Art Space traces its roots to early 20th century, when in 1928 ,Vinod Kumar’s family commenced with one Departmental Store, and in due course expanded to more Stores and also various other properties in Mussoorie and around the Doon Valley. The Departmental stores catered mainly to the British and hence sold a lot of imported goods from Europe and America. In the transaction of these imported goods the Family often travelled to Bombay and Calcutta. During these travels they also came in contact with various Art dealers and artists
Post Independence most of the British had left. At that time a lot of Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Persian, English, French, European etc artifacts, antiques, books, manuscripts, paintings etc were bought and collected by the owners Family. Due to this availability and Vinod Kumar’s interest the Departmental store was converted into an Antique store. This store exists till date and is housed in a 190 year old Heritage building which is owned by the Family. Vinod Kumar and his store is best described by the author Ruskin Bond in his book Mussoorie & Landour–Days of Wine and Roses , “ Vinod is not unlike the protagonist in Arnold Benetts Riceyman Steps , itching to sell. He lives amongst his acquired relics below the Clock Tower.“
For past 50 years and more, Vinod Kumar has been collecting Indian Art. It is now, that he along with his daughter Surbhi Agarwal, decided to dedicate a specialised space for Art that would help nurture Art exposure in the region. VR Art Space, along with Mussoorie Heritage Centre are off shoots of Vinod Kumar’s Antique store.
Surbhi Agarwal has been researching and cataloguing her father Vinod Kumar’s art collection for over 18 years. This research and cataloguing has helped her in interacting with various Artists, dealers, attending National and International Art Festivals, galleries, collections etc. With VR Art Space Surbhi wishes to bring out the local talent in the Garhwal Himalayas and hence create a live interactive space for artists of the region as well as National and International art fraternité. Here art will be available for all génères, budgets and tastes. She aims at setting an active Outreach programme for local Schools as well as village communities. Since last 10 years she has organised workshops for schools and young minds.